The Tardy Times

  2010 Update: This explanatory page
  was written for the 2008-2009 edition

 The Tardy Times, aptly named, was supposed to abandon paper and go online in early 2007 as a holiday newsletter, but health issues (see Notes from Lynn) forced a minor delay. Nineteen months. To avoid work on a true-crime book, the would-be author turned tardily instead to old news about old friends on old newspapers. And then he brazenly announced that the result would be labled as the family-and-friends online holiday newsletter for 2009.
  This also resulted in two spinoffs for old colleagues: The Geezer Gazoot (reports and laments about the state of news journalism in the San Francisco area) and Thirty (a compilation of obituaries of our colleagues and a review of how the dead beat has revived). We had a small press run for the Tardy Times in the summer. With the Gazoot and Thirty, it has been reconfigured for cyberspace. See the table of contents on your right. Yes, it's a lot of wordage, but what about "War and Peace" or "Ulysses"?

We are adding a box of keepers to our archives.  Included:   “Left with the Wonder”: Poetry by the late Melda Ludlow.   “Stoke Updates”: Margo Freistadt’s reports on her husband’s recovery. Jerry Schimmel’s Bernal Hill memoirs and articles on Frisco brothels and the Ribeltad Vorsted bar. Margo’s op-eds, including the solution for school funding (call them prisons). Lynn’s file, including “The Generals of Bernal Hill” (street names on Bernal Heights). Palindromes. The Fight To Save the Old Mint in 1906. Tam’s Class of ‘51,  etc.
   The whole shebang is edited by Lynn Ludlow and written selectively for family, friends, former students and newspaper colleagues. As an example, "Film Notes" features stories about documentaries produced by a sibling and a family friend. Let somone else cover Meryl Streep.

  Copy editor: Margo Freistadt.  Sports and fashion editor: Kenny Ludlow.   Tech help: Jonah Varon. Geezer illustration: Steve Coleman.  

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