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An almost invisible outline, shaped somewhat like a dog facing to the right, marks the route that empty nesters Margo Freistadt and Lynn Ludlow took in the fall of 2009 – 13,000 miles and three months in a minivan converted to a camper. We started in San Francisco in mid-September and headed north. 




     The information in this website is at least a year old. It's history, not news. We didn't feel up to producing an annual newsletter for 2010.   Instead, we sent Kenny off to college and then, with no reason to stick around at home, we left in mid-September for a three-month jaunt around the nation in a minivan camper. We racked up 13,000 miles and saw many relations and long-lost friends. We visited a score of museums and roadside attractions. We took pictures of amusing sights, including the sign at left. We put more than 40 on-the-road reports in a separate site.    Go to:

    We are saving the rest of 2008-2009 website because it's full of information. We may do some updates later this year. Sooner or later, we'll turn most of the articles and obits into an archives section.
      The buttons in the column on the right are arranged by subject:    
     I. The Geezer Gazoot deals mainly with the Frisco and Peninsula press with special reports on the death of Gina Warren, the 1963 search for Judy Williamson and the Phil Bronstein Era. 
    II. Thirty is a collection of obituaries from the last two or three years. 
    III. Tardy Times News is mostly a newsletter for family and friends.  

    - Click on "By Melda Ludlow": It's her undiscovered and unpublished poetry,  "Left With the Wonder."
    - Click on "By Margo Freistadt": Her greatest hits, including her proposal to get more money for public schools by turning them into state prisons.
    - Click on "By Lynn Ludlow": Assorted articles.

At left, Lynn in the French Quarter; above, at right, Kenny and Margo in Oberlin. Fall, 2009.

The Tardy Times was reported, written, edited and produced on GoDaddy's Website Tonight by Lynn Ludlow with the patient support of Margo Freistadt and their daughter, Kenny Ludlow. 
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